3D cafe brawler


Project Type: University Project
Software Used: Blender, Clip Studio Paint
Project Duration: 5 months (December 2022 - May 2023)
Roles within the Project: Concept artist, 3D artist

In TakeOUT you play as a minimum wage employee who has had enough of entitled and rude customers. Fight the onslaught using all you have available to you in the cafe but be careful of the mess! When the attack time is up, clean up by moving everything back to where it came from before your boss shows up!

TakeOUT was a group university project for the final assignment in my Level 4 Game Developement module. The team consisted of 10 people; 1 producer, 5 programmers, 2 designers and 2 artists. As one of just 2 artists for this project, I was responsible for all environment art as well as taking on half the character art due to time constraints.

The focus of my time working on this project was on the environment art. Within the 5 month project I was able to create a fully interactive low-poly cafe environment for the player to explore and use to fight the army of angry customers. Each item, room amd building used in the final version of the game was modelled by myself in Blender. Additionally, the colours and lighting seen in the photos below were all done by myself however there were issues exporting them for the final version.