Cabin Cat

cozy 3D minigame


Cabin Cat

Project Type: Game Jam
Software Used: Blender, Clip Studio Paint
Project Duration: 5 days (January 22nd 2024 - January 26th 2024)
Roles within the Project: 3D Artist

Cabin Cat is a cozy, 3D minigame adventure in which you play as a small cat 'Sabor' on a mission to find and give his owner 'Bjorn', momentos that remind him of the past, and hopefully make him smile and laugh.

Cabin Cat was our submission for the 2024 Global Game Jam with the theme 'Make Me Laugh'. We designed our game around a cozy cat adventure game and encorporated the theme into it by using it as the objective: to make Bjorn laugh. My role within this project was the sole 3D artist. I was responsible for modelling the environment and characters (Bjorn and Sabor), as well as adding materials and textures to both and exporting the project to give to the programmers in Unity. We decided upon a low-poly, rounded approach to the environment as it is popular with the cozy game category and easy to replicate in a short time-frame.