2D top-down adventure



Project Type: Game Jam
Software Used: Clip Studio Paint
Project Duration: 5 days (June 19th 2023 - June 23rd 2023)
Roles within the Project: Artist, Animator

What would you do if you wanted to spend your hard-earned dabloons on a new cat bed but the economy said no? In fireSALE, play as a small cat ready to do whatever it takes to get the cat bed of their dreams! Fight your way through the laboratory and find the mysterious time gun! With this time gun you might just be able to travel to a time when the price of your dream cat bed was at an all time low!

FireSALE was my submission to the University of Portsmouth's annual gamejam in 2023! There were 3 themes to choose from; West Bengal, immortality and all time low. As a team of 2, team catpowered (myself and programmer Avery) chose all time low as our theme and implemented it into our game in the form of making it the goal; to travel back to a time when the price of a cat bed was at an all time low.

Across just 5 days, me and Avery managed to produce a working game in which the player can move around, shoot enemies, interact with objects and take damage. The enemy wolf security guards are programmed to shoot back and the owl scientists will even react by suddenly running around randomly, frightened after the player enters the laboratory zone they are in.

For the art, I managed to produce a tileset consisting of walls, floors and decorative items to be used to create the levels, and 3 spritesheets; 1 for the player and 2 for the enemy wolf and owl.